When it comes to smaller companies and sellers, free shipping may not really mean free shipping. In fact, most of the time the shipping is tacked into the price of the item that you're buying. This, to me, is dishonesty. Shipping these days is not cheap and while the illusion is a great one for customers, unless you're a multi million dollar company that can get away with free two day shipping due to the millions of items sold each day, there is no way that smaller businesses can afford such a thing as free shipping. For this reason, I choose to be open and honest with my customers and keep the prices of my products as low as I can while charging my customers a small shipping fee. The fee for your shipping is the same fee that I am charged. Meaning: If I'm asking $5.95 for shiping then it is because the price that I'm being charged by the post office is $5.95. I make no profit from the shipping of my products in an effort to keep shipping prices low and stick to the honesty that most sellers do not. You, the customer, are important to small businesses like mine. For this reason, the illusion gets tossed aside and you can buy a great product for a great price.