Dry Ice Halloween Props

You don't have to be afraid to use dry ice for your Halloween props. One of the best ways to get that vapor fog is to use dry ice, but it can be harmful if touched with your bare hands. Use it in metal, pumpkins, and plastic bowls. An important thing to note is that you're going to need to have quite a bit of it if you're looking to make the effect last through the evening. 

There are some rules when storing and handling dry ice. Dry ice isn't real ice. When it melts it does not turn into a liquid. It turns into a gas. For this reason, you must follow some simple rules.


1. Don't touch it with your skin. Ever. Always wear thick gloves or use a thick cloth when moving or handling dry ice. Don't drink it, don't ingest it, don't touch it with bare hands.

2. Do NOT put dry ice in your freezer. Not only is your freezer way warmer than the dry ice, when it starts turning into a gas it will kill your freezer. Kill it. Dead. 

3. When storing your dry ice you will need to have a styrofoam cooler or an insulated cooler to keep the dry ice in. To better insulate the ice, wrap it in a towel before you put it in the cooler. You can also use newspaper. Keep the lid slightly ajar. (that means cracked a bit or open a bit) Dry ice is, after all, a gas. If you don't leave the lid open a teeny bit then the gas pressure will build up and the top will eventually pop. 

4. Don't put it in a kid drink. Don't let kids near it. Don't let kids get their own punch if you put dry ice in the punch bowl. Easy. Avoid the combination of kids and dry ice. 

5. Don't put dry ice in a drink that doesn't have a damn straw. (Not many people are going to want to wait until the dry ice wears off to drink their beverage.) That's just asking for trouble. Likewise, don't put it in drinks at all if there are kids around to get it or if one of your guests is too plowed and could end up drinking it. Yeah, that'd be bad.

The trick with dry ice is that you will be adding a little bit of the ice to the liquid over time. It really depends on the level of fog you're looking for. The warmer the liquid that you're adding dry ice to, the more fog you will get. However, it "melts" faster. If you add the ice to colder fluid you may not have as much fog, but it will last longer. Regardless, you'll be adding dry ice to the liquid all night long. 

Some things that you can add the dry ice to:

Serve your punch in a hollowed out pumpkin. If you don't have a cauldron handy, this is the next best vessel. Make pumpkin punch or some butterbeer. Add the dry ice and you have something that even Potter would enjoy. 

Add it to anything that contains some water. (Like punch) You can add it to the bottom of a candy set up and have a "bottomless vat" or moat surrounding a setup. Just warn people to not reach in there. 

The best time to get dry ice is an hour or two before the party starts. That way you can ensure that you have ice through the night and it won't all melt away. 

Where Do You Get Dry Ice?

So, where do you get dry ice? If you don't know anyone that owns an ice cream shop or shipping company; click here!