We've covered pumpkins. We've covered skeletons. What about decorating with witches? There are a lot of interesting things that you can do with witchy decorations. You can use just the legs in a respectful nod toward The Wizard of Oz. You can use just the hat and incorporate it into all manner of great decorations. Of course, you can always use the entire witch for your display. In this blog, we're going to cover some new ideas for using witches and witch bits so that you can make your decorating the best it's ever been!

The Witchy Hat Door Display

It's simple and it's elegant! For those of you that love the idea of having a more elegant display this Halloween, try turning a witches hat upside down! You can either buy or make a hat and cut off just enough of the brim so that it fits flush to your front door. Tie some fat ribbon around the underside of the brim and fill it with orange, yellow, and red silk flowers. You now have a vase/hat filled with autumn colors to greet your guests!

Witch Legs In The Chimney

If you have a fireplace that you don't plan on using just yet; consider fashioning or buying some witch legs to hang inside. Using striped stockings and some pointy-toed shoes; hang the legs up inside of the fireplace and let them dangle down. Add a couple of pumpkins on one side and even a real witches broom on the other. You now have a witch stuck in the chimney!

Witch Zone Free Parking

Nowhere for your friends to park their brooms? No problem! Find yourself a wicker basket. It needs to be large enough to fit brooms handle first and heavy enough that it won't tip over with the brooms inside. If you can't find a heavy enough urn, basket, or other containers, add some weight by adding sand to the bottom. This will help stabilize your brooms, so, win/win! You can put parking signs up near the brooms and even get a black mat and stencil "Witch Parking" or "Free Parking" on there. Try adding a sign that says, "No fly zone!".

Bonus Project For The Family:

Make Your Own Witch Brooms

We've noticed that witches brooms can be a little pricey. Why not make your own? Get your little witchlets involved!

What You'll Need: 

Tree Branches - stripped of most bark 38 inches long

Dowel Rods - 1in diameter and 38 inches long

Old Tiki Torches - remove the torch part

Acrylic Paints - Halloween Colors (orange, black, green, purple)

Sandpaper (splinters suck)

The Broom

Decorative Grass

Long Twigs (Willow is best)

Three pieces of interfacing fabric 2 by 10-inch strips. Black is best.


Hot-glue gun

What To Do:

1. You can choose to leave the stripped branches unpainted. (We do)

The dowel rods can be painted however you see fit and the sandpaper can be used to run along the dowel after the paint is dry. This will give the painted wood a worn and old look. 

2. Lay out the fabric that you've cut. Use hot glue to add the broom twigs to the fabric making sure that the broom pieces extend a couple of inches beyond the fabric. 

3. Wrap the fabric covered broom pieces around the bottom part of the wooden handle gluing it as you wrap it around. (face fabric inward and the glued broom side outward.)

4. Let it dry!

5. Use the twine and wrap it around the top part of the broom twigs and handle. This will make it look like the bristles of the broom are tied into place. Glue it as you go!

Don't Drink And Fly!