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Dads can fix anything father's day gift white ceramic coffee mug

Father’s Day Gift Add-Ons

Father’s Day Gift Add-Ons

Father’s Day will be here soon. Do you know what you’re going to be getting dad for his special day? While there are a lot of different things that you can get for dad, some of the best gifts are the ones that you can’t buy in stores. Along with a few purchased gifts, getting the kids involved to making something special is a great addition to add to the stack of presents.
There are a lot of DIY ideas that you and the kids can make at home to add a personal touch to any gift that you give dad this year. Along with a cute mug, some candy, and other purchased items, you can make cards, goodie baskets, and other great things. Here are Magical Duck’s top picks for DIY Father’s Day add-ons!

1. The Bow Tie Wrap
This is simple and cute. Instead of adding a plastic bow to your wrapped gift, you can go out and buy some men’s bow ties to wrap around it, instead! It’s a simple addition that many dads find charming.

2. A Goodie Basket
Most dads love Easter just as much as the kids do. That’s because most women make Easter baskets for their husbands too! Adding a small goodie basket to dad’s gifts is a sure win. If dad really isn’t into a lot of sweet things then you can switch it up and make dad a basket filled with other treats that he might love. Try filling a basket with different kinds of jerky and other like items. You can even add a couple of bottles of some of dad’s favorite beers. Snack baskets are always a great idea!

3. Hand Print Art
For the smaller children that can’t write yet, you can sit them down with finger paints and have them create handprint art to frame for dad. Tape up the bottom of the canvas so that you can remove it later to write in your child’s name and “Happy Father’s Day” once the paint dries.

4. Footprints
Mom’s aren’t the only ones that cherish the tiny hands and feet of their new babies. For a first Father’s Day gift, this one is high on the list. Make sure that the “ink” that’s used is non-toxic, of course! Frame the baby’s hand or footprints and you have a wonderful gift for a new dad.

5. Medal & Crown
Sit down with the kids and make a wearable crown and a medal to hang around dad’s neck. If dad is a handyman of sorts then you can even make the crown out of duct tape! Crown dad when he wakes up in the morning or when he gets home from work. Have a kingly meal planned out for him and let the kids carry the goods to his “throne”. (His favorite easy chair.)

There are many ways that you can honor dad for Father’s Day. Let this Father’s Day be one of the most memorable this year. Put some handmade love into the gifts and let dad know just how much he means to you

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