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Dad’s Day

Dad’s Day

It’s said that there’s a difference between being a father and being a dad. The thought behind this is that anyone can father a child, but it takes a special man to be a dad.

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We see, every day, that couples divorce. Because of that, there is the eventuality that those, now separated people, will find someone new. Life isn’t easy and it certainly has its challenges.
Stepdads are one of the most common elements in this day and age. Mothers are usually the ones that have the children on a permanent basis after a divorce or separation. That means that stepdads are the ones that usually have the biggest role to play and have to work a lot harder because they not only have to step up to the plate, they also have to deal with the fallout of the child’s biological parents not being together while also having a lot more to prove. It’s a tough job! You also see some men that enter into a relationship with women that are already pregnant. While many men and women become stepparents, there is only a handful individuals that is willing to step up to the plate and become dads to babies or even unborn babies. Imagine how much love, and yes, backbone, that takes.
Mother’s Day is a great way to let your mother know that you appreciate her, but Father’s Day is, somehow, not as prominent. It’s baffling. Yes, a woman carries the child. Moms go through all of the illness and then the pain of childbirth, so that means that her day should be more prominent. Right?
Both holidays are important in equal measure. A man doesn’t carry a child for 9 months. He doesn’t go through the bonding of carrying a baby under his ribs. Other than the fact that the child has his DNA, there’s no reason to assume that they have the same connection that a mother does once the baby is born. Yet, most dad’s do. Dads have instincts too. Through that instinct, a bond is formed. It’s because of this bond that stepdads are able to be stepdads and dads are able to be dads. Dad’s and stepdads are treasures. There is no reason for either of them to feel left out or less important during Father’s Day. A card, a gift, or a cake, with the right words written on them, can let your dad or stepdad know just how much you value them. Dad’s are tough and stern, but they can also be gentle, kind, and even silly. They are the other half of a parenting team.
Even if you and your dad don’t see eye to eye, you know, beyond a doubt, that there have been times that he’s been there for you when you needed him to be. It’s not always easy being a dad. This Father’s Day, let your dad know how important he is. Let your stepdad or bonus dad know how much you appreciate him. Hat’s off to all the great dads out there. You’re the man…men.. You guys kick ass

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