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  • Must See Haunted Fun In San Antonio Texas

    Haunted Houses and more...
    Sorry kids. If you're under 12 years old you're not allowed in. House rules. It makes you wonder what the hell they're doing in there. Most movies that have seriously high death counts are PG-13...
  • Freki and Geri - The Wolves of Odin

    We've covered Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn, but did you know that Odin had two wolves before he created his two famous ravens?
    When Odin left his two brothers he wandered here and there doing things that only Gods do. Yet, like all of us, when alone for far too long, he became lonely. It wasn't Huginn and Muninn that first kept him company and stilled the loneliness in Odin. Before men were given life and before Odin's two ravens; there were Freki and Geri.
  • Stingy Jack - The Story of Jack O'Lantern

    What happens when both God and the Devil don't want you?

    For centuries now, people have been carving Jack-o-Lanterns as a Halloween tradition. But, where did the tradition come from and why?
    It started with an old Irish myth about a man that was nicknamed "Stingy Jack".
  • Eat Like Ragnar - Viking Recipes

    Ragnar would approve!
    Have you ever wanted to try some of the food from long ago? How about food that they ate in Scandinavia and Norway? We decided to find some recipes that you can try at home to give you a real "taste" of Viking life. If you're a fan of the show "Vikings" then get ready for a Viking feast! As with all meals, we're going to cover the bread first, so roll up your sleeves and get ready. We're about to get our Viking on!
  • 15 Crazy Spooky Halloween Facts!

    15 Crazy Spooky Halloween Facts!
    Think that you know all there is to know about Halloween? Check out these crazy Halloween facts! Number 10 is just crazy!
  • Grab Your Bluetooth and...Viking?

    Just about every device that you use these days has Bluetooth capabilities. Unless you've been living in a cave, you have at least heard the name and have probably even used the technology whether you know it or not. But, where did they come up with the name for this tech?
    The answer may surprise you!

    The symbol on Bluetooth devices is recognized around the world, but we're betting that you may not know where that symbol came from.

    This is where a famous Viking comes into play!
  • J√∂rmungandr

  • Fenrir

  • Crazy Viking Facts

    Think that you know all about Vikings? There are some crazy things that Vikings used to do. We also took the liberty of straightening out a few popular myths! Fact or Fiction? Find out right here on our list. Number 7 is pretty nuts.
  • 5 Haunted Places To Visit

    Halloween or not, one of the most popular things on the planet are haunted places to visit. You can probably sit there and list half a dozen shows on TV that have ghost hunters spending the night in some haunted place or another. There are millions of self-proclaimed ghost hunters out there and even more haunted places. We decided to give you our own list of haunted places in America just in case you feel like getting the shit scared out of you. So, pack a lunch and go check out some of these crazy places.

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