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  • The Free Shipping Illusion

  • Stocking Stuffers, Gifts, and Add-On Gifts

    Some people find it hard to come up with items to put into a stocking. There are also gifts that require an add-on gift to make the entire present complete.
    This is where a great coffee mug can save the day. You can add the gift of a coffee mug to pretty much anything
  • A Sensible Gift

    Millions of people drink coffee every single day. In fact, a 2018 survey taken of 1,000 people showed that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every single day. Considering how much you drink out of a coffee mug; why would you want to surround yourself with boring mugs? Using a mug that brings a smile to your face or a bout of laughter is much more preferable than using bland drinkware.
  • The Gift of Mugs

    The holiday season is upon us! Christmas is nearing and you have a load of people to shop for. Trying to buy for friends and family doesn't have to break the bank. You have the ability to let everyone know that you care by shopping wisely. One of the best ways to do that is with a, seemingly simple, coffee mug. There's nothing more entertaining than a coffee mug that says just the right thing. You can also pretty much count on your gift being used almost every day. Each and every time your gift is looked at; that person is going to think of you and smile. What could be a better result when it comes to a holiday gift?
  • Dry Ice Pointers - Halloween

    You don't have to be afraid to use dry ice for your Halloween props. One of the best ways to get that vapor fog is to use dry ice, but it can be harmful if touched with your bare hands. Use it in metal, pumpkins, and plastic bowls. An important thing to note is that you're going to need to have quite a bit of it if you're looking to make the effect last through the evening.

    There are some rules when storing and handling dry ice. Dry ice isn't real ice. When it melts it does not turn into a liquid. It turns into a gas. For this reason, you must follow some simple rules.
  • Halloween Party Drinks

    So, you're having a Halloween party and you have no idea what the hell you're doing. You know that you want it to be great, but...issues.

    This week, we're going to cover what to serve at your Halloween party for those of you that are NOT going to be throwing a kid-friendly Halloween bash. This one is for adults only and, yes, we have some nifty mixed drinks for you to serve up. Boring is not the name of the game here. No matter who you are; you want whoever shows up to remember "<insert name here>'s Halloween party".
  • Witch Decorating Ideas 2018

    We've covered pumpkins. We've covered skeletons. What about decorating with witches? There are a lot of interesting things that you can do with witchy decorations. You can use just the legs in a respectful nod toward The Wizard of Oz. You can use just the hat and incorporate it into all manner of great decorations. Of course, you can always use the entire witch for your display. In this blog, we're going to cover some new ideas for using witches and witch bits so that you can make your decorating the best it's ever been!
  • Skeleton Decorating Ideas 2018

    If you're tired of the same old skeleton set up for your Halloween decorations; you should check out a few of these ideas. Number 2 is straight out of a horror movie! If you're looking for something more laid back and fun; check out number 7!
  • Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 2018

    Let's talk about some fresh Halloween decorations. If your porch or yard is looking a little tired with the same old decorations and kids are starting to roll their eyes at the monotony; you may find this list of ideas pretty handy.

    Pumpkins are usually the centerpiece of Halloween decorations. We've decided to put together a few ideas that may perk up your pumpkin play.
  • Real Life Killer Clown

    While not all people have a fear of clowns (Coulrophobia), there are fewer people that enjoy them.
    Where did this fear of clowns come from? Is it from some made up fantasy/sci-fi story like Stephen King's It or is there a much darker reality?
    In 1986, King wrote It, but while Pennywise was both a sick alien and a clown..there's a man that was born in 1942 that is neither a myth nor an urban legend. Get ready for a glimpse into the life of a real "Killer Clown".

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